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"Stand Tall," He Said


Posted by Vineyard Christian Fellowship of the Peninsula on

My job involves a lot of work with children. For a while I thought I was doing a really good job -- until one day, after a disagreement with my boss, she began criticizing my work ethic. Her harsh words indicated that she believed I never went above and beyond for her and the kids. She belittled ...

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Favoritism = Partiality. Partiality is when we "favor" something, or someone, over another because of some outward appearance. In this passage it is favoring the rich over the poor. There are 3 reasons God gives for why this makes no sense and is a bad thing to do. On top of that, it robs us of the power of seeing how God is at work in everyone. Perhaps we all need to think more carefully about when, where and with whom we tend to be "partial" and miss out on what God is doing.

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